7 Virtual Lunch Ideas To Improve Employee Engagement

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Prep a few ahead of time or just prep the ingredients to quickly build a bowl at lunch time. While exact timing can vary, we recommend hosting a monthly or every-other-month lunch and learn. When it comes to dietary restrictions, never assume what your employees will and won’t eat! Many people have food limitations – whether due to dietary styles, allergies, medically-related diets, religious dietary needs, food preferences, and more.

Setting Up the Virtual Platform

Virtual team lunch sessions are fantastic opportunities for cross-departmental interaction and learning. By bringing everyone together for dialogue and a meal, you’ll create space for employees to connect authentically and form connections. During your virtual lunch, have employees share their favorite Spotify playlists, their favorite songs and artists, and why they love a particular track or musician.

Free and pay-to-play trivia games are widely available via Slack, or you can create questions of your own for a video-based, Jeopardy-style game. Call it a host or emcee or whatever you will, you need someone to facilitate the activity or conversation. You can elect yourself to lead the virtual lunch, or you can choose someone else who’s got the gift of gab or the right charisma for the job. But whoever you choose, make sure that the conversation doesn’t wane — especially if it’s your first time throwing a remote lunch.

Improved Team Bonding and Camaraderie

During these events, team members can invite their partners, children, roommates, and pets to pull up a chair and make a Zoom cameo. Remote teammates tend not to have the chance to meet their coworkers’ families. This activity can give teammates a glimpse into each others’ home lives and deepen the connection between coworkers. Another great way to get your employees engaged is to encourage them to host lunch and learns of their own. This can be on any topic that’s relevant to the team or organization. Allow employees to conduct research and present their findings and support their efforts by providing lunch for the team.

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