How to Deliver Value at Your Board Meetings

When done right Board Meetings are an excellent opportunity to harness the collective intelligence of Important People to address key issues for your company and make important decisions. They can alter the direction of your organization by steering it out of turbulent waters and into more calm ones. It is essential to ensure that every meeting is valuable by ensuring you make the right decisions on right topics and engage everyone in your group.

To begin the meeting, the chair should start by confirming that a quorum is present. This can be done through rolling call or by asking everyone to raise their hands. The chair should summarize the major points of discussion and provide a brief synopsis of the meeting’s agenda. The chair should also ensure that any new items added to the agenda will be given web link ample time for discussion before they are put to vote.

Before engaging in any discussion or making a decision, it is crucial to go through all pertinent information and reports. This includes financial statements and progress reports on initiatives or projects and feedback surveys. This information should be compiled into an “board package” and sent to all members in advance of the meeting, so that they can digest it prior to the discussion held at the boardroom table.

It is crucial that your board members can participate in honest, open discussions. This can be accomplished by establishing a culture of respect, encouraging the quieter members to speak out and encouraging them to question the dominant ideas in a respectful manner. Your meetings should be organized with regular breaks, refreshments and other activities that keep everyone focused and energised.